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This website is underconstruction. The resources and most of links currently relate to VCE Physics Units 3 and 4. Feel free to upload any Maths resources, or ask any maths questions on the discussion board. I'm planning on building up the resources over the next 3 years. Estimated Completion Date: December, 2014.

Getting Started

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  • Do past exams and exam style questions.
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I don't believe there is currently a hub for VCE Teachers and Students alike to collect and share valuable resources. I believe you should be able to access these resources without having to register or sign up. Everything on this site is free for you to browse, download and use as you see fit. I encourage teachers to email me your best resources that you would like to share with other teachers and students around the state. I can upload your SAC's, Pracs, and Tests for you.

´╗┐Great VCE Physics and Maths Websites

  • khanacademy - Best Website on the Web. Browse through over 2000 videos on maths and physics among other topics. ALL FREE.
  • vicphysics - Fantastics Physics site. Many resources for teachers and students. Including independent solutions to VCAA Past exams
  • itute - Fantastic Physics and Maths site. Lots of Trial Exams and Solutions
  • vcephysics podcasts - Some fantastic physics podcasts
  • VCAA - Physics - Past VCAA Physics Exams and Examiners Reports
  • VCAA - Methods (CAS)- Past VCAA Methods Exams and Examiners Reports
  • VCAA - Specialist- Past VCAA Specialist Exams and Examiners Reports


Tristan Vale
VCE Physics and Maths Teacher